Principles of Successful Group Work
C. T. Evans
Here is a sample, ten-step process aimed at preparing good group papers.
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  1. Say "Hi" to everyone. (That means get in contact with everyone quickly and stay in contact.)
  2. Select someone to write everything down, i.e., to keep track of the tasks to be accomplished.
  3. Recognize any applicable time limit.
  4. Brainstorm ideas; list everything; work fast.  (Be sure that everyone contributes to this discussion.)
  5. Organize your ideas; don't jump to conclusions too quickly.
  6. Develop a thesis.
  7. Write your first draft. (This is a good time to send to your instructor for some feedback)
  8. Proof, critique and revise.  Don't assume a group consensus exists because no one has opposed an idea or offered an alternative.  Check agreement with each group member. Divide up tasks: someone to double-check fottnoted evidence and quotes; someone to check that organization matches thesis points in intro; someone to check for spelling and grammar; someone to read from the end of the paper to the beginning, yes, backwards.
  9. Final draft ready?
  10. Submit and present to class.

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