Principles of Successful Group Work
C. T. Evans
Here is a sample, eleven-step process aimed at preparing good group papers.
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  1. Say "Hi" to everyone.
  2. Select a recorder, or secretary, to write everything down, i.e., allocate tasks to be accomplished.
  3. Recognize any applicable time limit.
  4. Brainstorm ideas; list everything; work fast.  (Be sure that everyone contributes to the discussion.)
  5. Minimize non-relevant chatter to avoid incurring penalty points, and the wrath of your professor.
  6. Organize your ideas; don't jump to conclusions too quickly.
  7. Develop a thesis.
  8. Write your first draft.
  9. Proof, critique and revise.  Don't assume a group consensus exists because no one has opposed an idea or offered an alternative.  Check agreement with each group member verbally.
  10. Final draft ready?
  11. Select a spokesperson and present to class.

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