Rome Cathedral Renaissance
El Cid Crusades  
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1.  Identify the major surviving structure in Rome from the imperial age.  What was the building's original purpose?
2.  What were some of the major innovations devised by the Romans for use in construction?
3.  Why did the Romans admire and collect sculpture?
4.  Identify modern structures that you can think of that have been influenced by Roman architectural design.
5.  How large was the city of Rome at its height?
6.  How did Roman sculpture change over time?  Why?
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1.  When, approximately, were Gothic cathedrals being built in Europe?
2.  What does the name "cathedral" mean?
3.  Where, and with whom, did the Gothic style originate?
4.  What were the main innovations that allowed the cathedrals to be built?
5.  What was the name of the chronicler of the building of the cathedral in the story?
6.  What was the name of the master builder in the story?
7.  With what tools could the master builder expect to construct a cathedral?
8.  Why were Gothic cathedrals built?
9.  Why were cathedrals often dedicated to the Virgin Mary?
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1.  Identify three art works of Da Vinci, Michelangelo and Raphael discussed in the film.
2.  When and where did the Renaissance occur?
3.  What are some of the distinguishing features of the artistic vision of the following artists:
  • Da Vinci
  • Raphael
  • Michelangelo
4.  Why are these artists considered to be the embodiment of the Renaissance?
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El Cid
1.  In what language was the poem of the Cid written?
2.  What was the Cid's name?
3.  When did the Reconquista begin?
4.  Were the qualities that the Cid displayed in his dealings with merchants unusual for a knight?
5.  Was king Alfonso, of whom Cid had incurred the wrath, a Christian or a Muslim?
6.  Who were the Moors?
7.  Is this the usual tale of blood, destruction and savage fighting between Christians and Muslims?
8.  Are the Moors considered pagans?
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1.  In what language was this account written?
2.  Who was Usamah?
3.  When did the Crusades begin and end?
4.  Does Usamah consider Frankish medicine to be enlightened?  Note specific evidence for your answer.
5.  How does Usamah characterize the Franks?
6.  Who were the Franks?
7.  Is Usamah impressed with Frankish judicial practices?
8.  Is this story of the crusades the same tale of blood and destruction as Roland's saga of savage fighting between Christians and Muslims?
9.  According to Usamah, who was more "civilized," Franks or Muslims?  Why?
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