HIS 102, History of the Western Civilization II
Fall 2012
Grading and Assignment Requirements


There are thousands of points available in this course (plus a lot of possible extra credit).  The assignments are intended to be interesting and not all that difficult. Here is the grading scale.
Course Grading Scale
  • 1,000-900:  A
  •    899-800:  B
  •    799-700:  C
  •    699-600:  D
  •    599-000:  F
Required Assignments Some other extra credit or optional options:
  • 150 points, Midterm exam (week 7)
  • 250 points, Final exam (week 15)
  • Create a website dealing with any specific topic within the boundaries of this course.  Topic must be approved by me first.  Some of the style requirements for this website can be found on my Web Module Creation page, which is for my HIS 135 course.  Also check my New Web Design Center.  Possible point total negotiable.
  • A Pop Culture paper for up to 100 points extra credit for a two-page paper. (See week 14.)
  • You may do a special project for up to 100 points extra credit (depends on the specific project). (See week 13.)
  • You may do up to two additional book papers for up to100 points extra credit each.
  • Two (2) points for every class that you attend (and arrive on time).
  • Each posting to Blackboard is worth five (5) points to a maximum of 50 points.
  • Take a rough draft of a paper assignment to the campus writing center for help is worth five (5) points; make sure that the writing center notifies me.
  • Resubmit a graded paper after making the corrections that I noted is worth five (5) points; paper must be resubmitted the class immediately after I return the graded paper to you.
  • Find any course typo, spelling error or broken link.  You should email to me any of these mistakes for extra credit.
  • Bring to class a relevant question that deals with the course content/assignment for the day (textbook, reading, etc.) is worth 1 point.  Your question should be written on a slip of paper with your name.  Maximum of three questions per class per person.
  • There are many extra credit options indicated on the weekly schedule

Late Penalties: Any assignment not submitted on time will be reduced by 1/2 point value. All submissions are done by email

Writing in the Course: Proper grammar, spelling and style are an inherent, and necessary, part of each writing assignment in this course.  You may wish to review the materials in Charlie's History Writing Center.  (You can also watch the short YouTube video).

Plagiarism: Any student caught cheating in this course will fail the course and be subject to disciplinary action. Please read and understand my plagiarism policy.

Course Progress: You are expected to make regular and steady progress in completing your course assignments and examinations.  Please check your Blackboard online gradebook for your grades.  Once you begin this course, it is your responsibility to withdraw if you do not intend to finish it.  If you do not withdraw and if you do not finish your course assignments, then you will receive a grade based upon the work that you have submitted.  Usually, this grade is an "F."


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