HIS 102, History of Western Civilization II
Fall 2012
  Course Information and Policies

OVERVIEW AND OBJECTIVES:  This course reviews the general history of the West from around 1600 CE to the present and allows students to reach a basic understanding of the characteristic features of the West's historical development.  The course also helps students to develop an understanding of the academic discipline of history and supports the general educational goals of historians and the college.  Grading in the course is based on written assignments and on class work that demonstrates critical thinking.  It is expected that students possess college-level writing skills.
  • Judith Coffin and Robert Stacey, Western Civilizations, Brief Third Edition combined volume (W. W. Norton, 2012, ISBN 9780393934878).  Please note that you can use this same textbook for HIS 101.
  • Charles Dickens, Hard Times (ISBN 9780451526724)
  • Erich Maria Remarque, All Quiet on the Western Front (ISBN 9780449213940)
You may also read these for extra credit:
  • Chinua Achebe, Things Fall Apart (ISBN 9780385474542) Please note that if you do not want to read Achebe, then you can read Pramoedya Ananta Toer, Child of All Nations (ISBN 9780140256338). If you do not want to read Achebe or Toer, then you can read Amadou HampatĂ© Bâ, The Fortunes of Wangrin (ISBN 9780253212269).
  • Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich (ISBN 9780451527097)

COURSE WEBSITE:  The website for this course is www.ctevans.net/Nvcc/Campus/HIS102/Index.html.  All of the class materials and assignments are available on that site.  Please note that some of the assignments are linked to the NOVA Online online version of HIS 102, www.ctevans.net/Nvcc/HIS102/Index.html.

BLACKBOARD: There is a Blackboard support site for the course. Log into Blackboard from the MyNova tab on the college home page to reach the course. You will find an online gradebook in Blackboard, where you can track your grades, and also a discussion board, where you will be able to exchange ideas on assignments.

PLAGIARISM:  Any student caught cheating in this course will fail the course and be subject to disciplinary action.  Please read and understand my plagiarism policy.

CLASSROOM BEHAVIOR:  Improper or impolite classroom behavior will not be tolerated.  I do not tolerate the use of cell phones, pagers, text messengers, blackberries, Ipods, IPads or any other electronic devices that interfere with our work during class. (Note that we will be using electronic devices for class work during class.)

ATTENDANCE:  Attendance is required.  There is extra credit for class attendance.


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