Personal Histories of the World
HIS 135 


We used to create the personal histories using Google Docs, then Google Drive. That can still be done, but I also allow you to work with Word, or any other software now.

Laura Agular, Back in Time (Summer 2016)

Sonia Deana, History and Me (Spring 2016)

Histories from Summer 2014:

Atlanta Lewis, Changing Perspectives

Barrie Homer, A Brief History of the World, 1995-2005: From My Own Perspective

Histories from Spring 2012:

My Personal History by Amanda B.

Histories from Spring 2012:

A Constant Soul in a Changing World by Zana S.

Histories from Fall 2011:

From Surfing the Waves to Surfing the Net: 66 Years of Adventure by Susan S.

Histories from Summer 2011:

As I Remember: This World by Heather M.

Reflections of a Changing Time by Leane G.

In the 1970s by German V.

Histories from Spring 2011:

The World in Recent Years by Crystal T.

Histories from Fall 2010:

My World History Experience since 1995 by Kathryn G.

Histories from Spring 2010:

Humans and Their Actions by Lindsay F.

World History from a Changing Perspective by Paul N.

Histories from Fall 2009:

Humans and Their Actions by Cesar M.

Zafar's Personal World History by Zafar C.

My Outlook and Personal World History by Jake B.

A Changing-Unchanging World by Chris C.

A New World History by Shelly K.

My Life and the History of the World by Jason S.

A History of My World by Dominick P.

World Events in Lori's Life since the 1970s by Lori N.

The Mysterious World since 1995 by Courtney M.

A Personal World History by Eric J.

Histories from Fall 2008:
History through My Eyes, 1995-2008  by Forrest Fain

Diary of American Girls, 1995-2008 by Alanna Byrd and Stephanie Walls

The History of the World through the Eyes of a Child by Alanna Dvorak and Josh Hulen

The History of My Life in the Last Ten Years by Muoki Musau

History since 1995 by Christian Nguyen

Contemporary Earth by Mark Lyons

My World since 1995 by Nathaniel White

How the World Has Changed While I Have Remained Constant by Rebekah Stockman

More Than a Decade of World History, 1998-2008 by Professor Evans


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