HIS 135, History of the Contemporary World
Fall 2009
Grading and Assignment Requirements
There are thousands of points available in this course (plus a lot of possible extra credit).  The assignments are intended to be interesting and not all that difficult.  Some of these I am trying in class for the first time.  So I will talk a bit about each of them when we meet, and I will also take into consideration the experimental nature of some of these papers in your grade for each assignment.  The grading scale is just below.
Course Grading Scale
  • 1,000-900:  A
  •    899-800:  B
  •    799-700:  C
  •    699-600:  D
  •    599-000:  F
Required Assignments Other Assignment Options Important Considerations
  • NOTE that proper grammar, spelling and style are an inherent, and necessary, part of each assignment in this course.  You may wish to review the materials in Charlie's History Writing Center.
  • Remember that any course assignment not submitted on time will be reduced by five points per calendar day.
  • Please feel free to use the services of The Writing Center at Loudoun.  Jeremy and his tutors can do great work helping you on any of your writing assignments (and I offer extra credit for using the Writing Center).
  • College technical support information from the Help Desk for students is at 703.426.4141 or www.nvcc.edu/ithd/
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