To ensure that your work is scholarly and professional, when making an in-class presentation:
  • You will not read your material to the class, except for short, specific passages/quotes.  You will have an outline to guide your remarks.
  • Your outline (short sentences and phrases) will be displayed via the classroom projection unit (either as a Word or Powerpoint file or an html page).
  • Your remarks should last between five and ten minutes (unless a longer time has been agreed upon ahead of time).
  • You should have practiced your remarks aloud beforehand (This is especially important if your presentation is being done by a team); pay particular attention to the pronunciation of foreign names/words.
  • Your presentation should have a clear introduction, analysis (the body of your work) section and conclusion.
  • Your introduction should both identify the purpose of your presentation and also provide something to gain the audience's attention, such as a quote, some statistics, an image, etc.
  • Your presentation should be based on multiple, reliable sources (and it is a good idea to indicate some of them in your outline and then review the reliability of your sources for the class).
  • You must be organized.
  • Be prepared to answer questions from the class and your instructor.
  • Be early for your scheduled class to ensure that there will be no problem with any technology needed for your presentation.
  • Finally, if you are doing a report on an important figure who is dead, be sure that you know where that person is buried.
If you have any questions, please contact your instructor ahead of time.

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