Genesis, A Trick of the Tail
Charisma, 1975: Phil Collins (vocals and drums), Peter Gabriel (vocals and percussion), Mike Rutherford (guitars and bass), Tony Banks (keyboards)

Notable songs (the entire album)

Love this album, especially side one with the progression of songs from "Entangled" to "Squonk" to "Mad Man Moon."

This was the group's seventh studio album, and the first with Phil Collins as the lead singer. After Peter Gabriel left, the band searched for a replacement singer, but after Collins sang "Squonk", and his version was so well done, he sang the rest of the album.

"Squonk" just exploded off the vinyl and was inspired by tales of a mythical creature called the "Squonk!"

Sequence of great lines in "Ripples" :
The face in the water looks up,
And she shakes her head, as if to say
That it's the last time you'll look like today

Almost all the songs on the album involved collaborations on the lyrics and music. For example, the last song, "Los Endos", is credited to the whole band.

Genesis, Supertramp, Pink Floyd, Yes, Emerson Lake and Palmer, Jethro Tull, these were the giants of what is now called the classic, progressive rock era.