Paul McCartney and Wings, Band on the Run
Apple, 1973: Paul McCartney (vocals, bass and all instruments), Linda McCartney (keyboards, died 1998), Denny Laine (guitars, drums)

Notable songs

I'm not going to argue with folks about McCartney's writing ability when it comes to lyrics (yes, some of these songs don't have "deep" meaning), but he is great when it comes to music, and these songs rock!

It is pretty amazing that the three members of Wings did the entire album; and maybe you want to say that it was really just Paul and Denny Laine who did it. That says something about their musical talents (plus consider that they recorded in Lagos, Nigeria). Laine, an original member of the Moody Blues, had been a part of Wings since 1971. He played lead, rhythm and bass guitars, sang lead and backing vocals, played keyboards and also did some writing.

Like the other members of the Beatles, McCartney had had mixed success after the group's break-up. Ram was kind of OK, but this album was his best work since 1969, and maybe the best album of his entire post-Beatles career. It would go on to sell over 6 million copies worldwide.

In concert, "Jet," "Band on the Run" and "Nineteen Hundred and Eight Five" are great examples of McCartney's rock at its best. Check out the recordings on Wings over America (the 1976 live album).

"Jet" is a song about one of McCartney's Labrador puppies; "Picasso's Last Words" is about, of course, the Spanish painter's reputed last words; and "Band on the Run" is possibly about musicians on the run from the law because of drug issues.