Paul McCartney and Wings, Venus and Mars
Capitol, 1975: Paul McCartney (vocals, bass and all instruments), Linda McCartney (keyboards, died 1998), Denny Laine (guitars, drums), Jimmy McCulloch (died 1979)/Joe English (lead guitar), Geoff Britton (drums)

Notable songs

This album, along with Band on the Run, was the high point of Wings in the 1970s. The record would go on to sell over 4 million copies worldwide, not quite as successful as Band on the Run, and the critics didn't like it as much either.

These songs were very much featured in the year long Wings over the World tour (part of which was Wings over America). Wings would not tour again in America, and so I missed any chance to see them live.

In concert, "Magneto and Titanium Man," "Letting Go" and "Venus and Mars"..."Rock Show" are great examples of McCartney's rock at its best. Check out the recordings on Wings over America (the 1976 live album). Love these songs live.

Venus And Mars continued Wings' practice of recording in different locations; the album was recorded at Allen Toussaint's studio in New Orleans.

The lyrics to "Venus and Mars" are typical McCartney nonsense, but the music is great, and, as a result, the song works. At least Magneto, the Titanium man and even the Crimson Dynamo have a bit of reality in the Marvel comic world.