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In all of my courses, proper grammar, spelling and style are an inherent, and necessary, part of each graded assignment.  I also limit most writing assignments to a maximum of one page or one paragraph; although there are a few two-page papers.  I remind you that any student caught plagiarizing or cheating will be subject to disciplinary action.  If interested, please read some further explanation regarding the importance of proper writing.

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Writing Resources for the Online History Courses
Tutorial:  Writing the One-Page Paper A suggested process for writing a paper. Ever heard of an expository essay? That's what the one-page (five paragraph) paper is.
History Paper Guidelines Some important guidelines to help you in writing your papers.
Writing Style Rules These are the specific, formal writing style rules to be used in all writing in the course.
Paper sample 1 (good thesis example) Paper Sample 2 (good paper structure example)
Sample Writing Style Mistakes Some examples of common writing problems.
Explanation of Comments on Assignments Here is some further explanation of my typical comments on your assignments.
How I Grade a Paper This is a sample of what I do when grading a paper, which means that there are hints to help you do well on your papers.
Plagiarism NVCC, NOVA Online and my policies on cheating.
Citing Sources How to cite your sources correctly.
Assignment Submission Information How to send your assignments using Blackboard.
The Online History Writing Center at NVCC A Short YouTube video about this resource
History Assignments: Formats and Style Another Short YouTube video on the different formats of history assignments and style requirements
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College Writing Resources
The NVCC Campus writing centers (Alexandria Writing Assistance Center, Annandale Writing & Reading Center, Loudoun Writing Center, Manassas Tutoring Center, Medical Tutoring Center and the Woodbridge Tutoring Center) Each center has its own staff and hours of operation, and most centers recommend that you make an appointment before arriving with a paper.  In general, the staff at any center will provide feedback on your writing (Staff will not edit papers.).
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Some Other Essay Writing Tutorials:

How to focus your essay and respond to the essay prompt

What is a thesis statement?

How to write a thesis statement

How to write an outline

How to proofread your essay for spelling and grammar

How to write a strong essay body

How to write and use transition sentences

How to organize an argument in your essay


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