HIS 112
Explanation of Assignments and Grading

Required Assignments

Special Course Grading Requirements

IMPORTANT: To earn a grade of A, B, C or D, you

  • must complete all required assignments
  • must complete the group project, which must be submitted as a group project and may not be submitted late or as an individual
  • pass the two exams in the course with a combined score of at least 210 points out of the possible 350. If you fail to achieve that total score, then you will fail the course. You may not take a required midterm or final exam late.
  • earn the required number of points for an A, B, C, or D in the course.

Extra Credit Opportunities

  • There are extra credit options available in each unit of the course: (1) You may submit one item of extra credit in each unit of the course; (2) you may not submit extra credit work from a unit once that unit has been completed; (3) you may not submit extra credit work if you are not up- to-date on the course required assignments.
  • You can also earn extra credit at any time by (a) finding a typo, spelling error or broken link (if possible find a replacement link) or (b) finding any website or web materials that are relevant to this course.  Please email that information (and the URL of the relevant course page) directly to your instructor. This is not subject to the "one assignment submitted per day" course rule.

Assignment Drafts and Rewrites/Resubmits

  • You are encouraged to email a draft of an assignment to your instructor for informal feedback before you submit your assignment for grading. Please email well in advance of the assignment deadline. This does not apply to extra credit work.
  • You may choose to resubmit an assignment after taking note of instructor feedback.

Late Work

  • There are specific assignment deadlines in this course, and these are listed on the course schedule. You may submit any of the course required assignments late, but the maximum point value will then be reduced by one-half.
  • You may not take a required midterm or final exam late.
  • You may not submit a late group project.

Sample Assignments

Check out some Example Assignments and Sample Test Items so you have a good idea of the kind of assignments that are required in the course.


To grade assignments in the course, I will sometimes use a rubric for the paragraph assignments and another for the paper assignments. Here is information on how to access those rubrics.


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