HIS 112
Questions to Consider while reading the textbook
and studying a unit's material

The Questions to Consider will be part of the midterm and final exams in the course as the exam "surprise question." You should study these questions using your textbook, but you are also encouraged to use any other sources, such as Wikipedia. A good answer to a "question to consider" should be about a long paragraph. Check out an example.

Unit 1 Introduction
  • How has geography influenced the course of history?
Unit 2 Seventeenth-Century Europe
  • Why did Parliament succeed in expanding its powers in England?
Unit 3 East Asia in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries
  • During the Tokugawa Shogunate, how did Japanese society respond to Western contact?
Unit 4 South Asia and Gunpowder Empires
  • What factors allowed the Safavids to create such a large empire?
  • What was the key to Akbar's success as a ruler?
Unit 5 European Modernization
  • Why was the era called the "Enlightenment?"
  • How did industrial production change Western society?
Unit 6 Africa and the Challenge of Imperialism
  • Why were African societies susceptible to European control?
Unit 7 Mexico and Central America in Revolt
  • What prompted the initial round of Latin and Central American revolutions in the early nineteenth century?
  • Who were some of the key figures of the Mexican Revolution, 1910-1920?
Unit 8 Russia in Revolt
  • Why were the Bolsheviks able to triumph in the civil war in Russia?
  • What factors promoted the collapse of the tsarist autocracy in Russia in February 1917?
Unit 9 World War I
  • Why did the Great War turn into a world war?
Unit 10 World War II
  • How did World War II differ from the Great War?

Unit 11 Cold War

  • What were some of the key events of the Cold War?

Unit 12 Decolonization and Nation-Building in Africa

  • What were some of the common challenges faced by African societies as they achieved independence?
  • Compare and contrast the decolonization experiences of Angola and Ghana?

Unit 13 South Asian Independence

  • Why did South Asian leaders insist on the partition of the subcontinent?

Unit 14 Latin American Modernization

  • Has democracy in Latin America increased?
Unit 15 The United Nations and the World
  • How has the United Nations tried to safeguard human rights in the world?
Unit 16 The Emergence of the Pacific Rim
  • What is human progress?
  • What are some of the common features of the advanced economies of the Pacific Rim?



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