Baku mosque
Mosque near Baku, Azerbaijan (photo credit Fincher)

Data Visualization Assignment



Something else that is relatively brand new in the online history/technology world is the idea of data visualization. Basically, what that means is taking numerical data and displaying the data in a graph, chart, or some other visual form so that you can better see the relationships in the data. There are plenty of examples online now with data visualization, and almost all use some online app to help produce the visualization; some are far more complicated than others. Probably the easiest app to use (and most popular) was Many Eyes, but that's no longer available. The site had a lot of data sets that you could use to create new visualizations. I have been working on some simple data visualizations using census data from Slatington, PA, my old hometown. You can check out my Slatington Historical statistics website to give you an idea of how easy the process of creating a visualization can be. There are several visualizations on the page that use Slatington census data. I have other visualizations available that use Tableau Public. Please have a look at these.

Read my notes on data visualization, which include a list of other data visualization tools (some more complicated than others) and some additional examples of this assignment.

Create a short, simple data visualization (dv). Your dv must