Lenin's apartment in Zurich
The plaque on the wall of the building reads: Lenin lived here
from 21 February 1916 to 2 April 1917; photo Maria Bates)

Story Map Assignment

I am always searching for new online, digital tools, especially anything that supports mapping or GIS options. Some time ago, a former student pointed out to me that Arcgis online has a feature called Story Maps. (There are new story maps and classic story maps. I prefer the classic story maps, but you can use either.) The App can be used to develop an online photo tour or a kind of map project. There are actually several different kinds of story maps, and you can look through all the galleries with examples of published story maps. Here is an example that I created based on the churches in my home town in Pennsylvania. And here is my World War I example, Sergeant Lefèvre in the Great War, 1914-1916. It is a pretty straight-forward process, and it is a project that can be a lot of fun to work on. Here are some more great student examples:

So, give it a try and create a story map. Here are the requirements for your story map: