One of the wooden churches at Kizhi, Karelia, Russia

Timeline Assignment

There are now many options available online to create and display a historical timeline on the web.

Read my notes on timelines and look at some examples of timelines that I have listed there in my notes, which also list a variety of online apps (some simpler than others) that can be used to generate a timeline. You may not use Powerpoint or Google Slides for this assignment.

Create a short, online historical timeline. Your timeline must

Note that all of the timeline applications have slightly different setups and instructions for using the free software. Please read those instructions carefully. One common feature is that after you have created a timeline, you have to "publish" it so that it appears "live" on the web for public viewing.

Please submit an early draft of your work to your instructor for feedback; just email the URL to your professor.

When you are done, submit the URL of your timeline on Canvas and also include a short explanation of your work.