Slatington Area History

1943 Aerial view of Slatington
1943 aerial view of Slatington and vicinity. Click on the image for a larger view.


The borough of Slatington in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania was originally settled in the mid-eighteenth century. In the nineteenth century, the town became the center of a thriving slate industry, as slate was needed for school backboards, student writing slates, sidewalks, countertops, and all kids of other uses. The town was incorporated in 1864 and so is now 151 years old as of 2015. It's population has been roughly four thousand five hundred ever since the start of the twentieth century.

My current projects that focus on Slatington history include:

Slatington Postcards: A digital collection of postcards and photos documenting the history of Slatington, Pennsylvania

The Slatington News Project: An exploration in reconstructing the past from newspaper fragments

Slatington Historical Statistics (based on U.S. census information)

Timeline of Slatington History

Slatington Past and Present: An online map exhibit

The Old Churches of Slatington: An ArcGIS Online map story

The School Buildings of Slatington, Pennsylvania (A Pinterest board)

Some informal comments about studying Slatington history

Historical surveys and reearch


Some assorted sources, images and maps: