The Slatington News:
The Rauch Family Years (1923-1967)

Last issue of the Slatington News

Russell, Oliver, Allen and George Rauch prepare their last issue of the newspaper in March 1967

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On September 1923, The Slatington News was fifty-five-years old, and James G Rauch began to bring his sons (Oliver, Russell, Allen, George and Irl) into partnership (James G. Rauch and Sons proprietors) with him to publish the paper every Friday. The Rauch family continued with control of the paper until March 1967.

From an early age, all five brothers were involved with the newspaper, and most remained involved with the newspaper until the paper was sold in 1967. The father first enlarged his ownership in 1917 when he added Oliver as a partner. The other brothers were added over the years: Russell in 1919, Allen in 1924, George in 1926, and Irl in 1929.

Oliver left the paper circa 1930 when he became an insurance agent. Irl left sometime in the 1940s when he moved to Bethlehem. And so, by the 1960s, Russell, Allan and George were the proprietors of the “News Publishing Company” with Russell as the managing editor.

The paper pretty much did not change under the Rauch family; the major change was the shift to a Thursday publication schedule. That happened in 1930. Other than that small change, the only other minor change involved the number of pages of the paper, which varied each week four to six to eight or more.

In June 1946, James G. Rauch retired any involvement with the management of the paper, leaving it completely in the hands of Russell, Allen and George Rauch with Russell as the managing editor.


View of the Slatington Main Street Bridge Area circa 1915

In March 1967, the Rauch brothers sold the paper to Harold Boyd Nanovic of Palmerton. The News Publishing Company, technically the publishing company of the paper, continued to own the News building, to do some commercial printing and to cooperate with Nanovic on the paper and the use of the Main Street building.

By 1975, the Slatington News building had been sold, and publication of the paper was completely in the hands of Nanovic in Palmerton.