C.T. Evans History Page
Emeritus Professor of History

Current digital projects under construction

Slatington Postcards: A digital collection of postcards and photos documenting the history of Slatington, Pennsylvania

Russian Church Domes

Russian Orthodox Church Domes

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My larger Slatington Area History project includes

World War I projects

Some other history projects

Digital Experiments with Historical Maps (a few recent, online map experiments including Slatington Past and Present)

Experiments with Data Visualizations (some older projects using Google Charts and some newer projects using Tableau Public)

Some assorted scholarly papers and remarks. My most recent paper is "The Changing Face of Higher Education: Northern Virginia Community College and the Corporatization of Higher Education."

Some older history projects

HIS 218 Introduction to Digital History: an online course that introduces new technology for teaching and learning about history, designed especially for our Public History and Historic Preservation certificate program

Historical Memory: History as experienced and remembered by students and their families (an online archival database)

Northern Virginia Digital History Archive: An experimental digital history archive to document the history of Northern Virginia in the past fifty years

A Cultural History of the Last Fifty Years: An Interpretative Personal Timeline

Rock's 25 Greatest Albums: 1965 to 1985 from someone who lived with this music

Comparing World War II Experiences in the French and American Armies

Amadou Hampâté Bâ and the Uncertain Fortunes of French West Africa

Pramoedya Ananta Toer: Critic of the Dutch Colonial World and Decolonization in Indonesia

Studying Russian History and Culture (Reflections by scholars on their study of Russian history and culture)

The Paris Peace Conference and the Treaty of Versailles: The Remaking of Europe in 1919

Historians I have Known aka What It Takes to Become a Historian, or Famous Historians I Have Known

Geography of Russia

Russian History Course Documents for HIS 241 (History of Russia I) and HIS 242 (History of Russia II)

The Holocaust in Poland (a collaborative presentation with Professor Andrew Wise)

Social media

Digital Experiments in Teaching History: An old blog where I used to sometimes post about my teaching with technology experiments

Russian History blog: An even older blog where I now rarely post to support my Russian history courses

Blog for NOVA's Public History and Historic Preservation Certificate Program

NOVA's Public History and Historic Preservation Program on Facebook

Wikipedia contributions

Sergei Grigoryevich Stroganov

Hamilton, Virginia

Beaver Meadow Railroad and Coal Company

Albertus L. Meyers Bridge

Northern Lehigh School District

Samuel Henry Kress

Hermann L. Weber (Magicpedia entry)

Some teaching projects on which I am no longer actively working

My Chancellor's Commonwealth Professorship grant project (a two-year effort to rethink the teaching of our history survey courses)

Achieving the Dream and HIS 101 at Northern Virginia Community College: our initiative for the History of Western Civilization I survey course at the Loudoun campus and at the Extended Learning Institute

The New Web Design Center: Thoughts on website design

Project Pedagogy: Ideas for Better Teaching, A Loudoun Campus Resource for Adjunct (and full-time) Instructors (a second edition with Jennifer Lerner)

Advancing the Humanities through Technology at Community Colleges: A National Education Project Funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities

Some media experiments

History Videos: Igorcat's Channel (My YouTube channel with videos for my history courses)

ItunesU for Northern Virginia Community College formerly had some audio and video for my history courses.

Some older experimental digital projects

The Poetry Corner (with short stories too!)

My online Art Gallery

Some projects that have disappeared from the web

The Loudoun Digital Humanities Project: Our initiative for the History of Western Civilization I survey course at the Loudoun campus and at the Extended Learning Institute of NOVA

The Humanities in the Twenty-First Century: A faculty humanities workshop at Northern Virginia Community College funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities

Teaching the Humanities in a World Wide Web Environment: A National Endowment for the Humanities focus grant, spring 1998

Globalizing Regional Studies: crossing tntellectual, institutional and international borders, strengthening area studies through world history (website somewhat available)

Dogwood Project: an experimental virtual learning environment at Northern Virginia Community College

An Office Tour (You may view a short Quicktime video (7.6M) about my campus office.)

An Office Panorama (If your computer is equipped with Quicktime, you can view my campus office from a "virtual reality" perspective.)


Links to some of my more recent presentations

My online and campus courses and some teaching resources are located on my college page.