Some Assorted Scholarly Papers and Remarks

Professor Charles T. Evans

Joffre and the French Mission to the United States, 1917 (2023)

The Changing Face of Higher Education: Northern Virginia Community College and the Corporatization of Higher Education (2019)

French Memoirs of the Great War: Some Initial Comparative Thoughts (2019)

Some Informal Comments about Studying Slatington History (2017)

My Ph.D. dissertation, "Count Sergei Stroganov and the Development of Moscow University, 1835-1847" (1991)

l'Université française sous Louis-Philippe, 1830-1848 (1990)

Debate in the Soviet Union? Evgenii Varga and His Analysis of Postwar Capitalism, 1946-1950 (appeared in Essays in History, 1990; This was also a shorted version of my M.A. thesis.)

Stalin and Chinese Communism (1986), a book review of Conrad Brandt, Stalin's Failure in China, 1924-1927 (1958)

The Czech Legion in the Russian Civil War (1986), a book review of John F. Bradley, Allied Intervention in Russia (1968)

The Soviet Union and Communism in Southeast Asia (1986), a book review of Charles McLane, Soviet Strategies in Southeast Asia: An Exploration of Eastern Policy under Lenin and Stalin (1966)

The Origins of Soviet-American Relations (1986), a book review of Robert Browder, The Origins of Soviet-American Diplomacy (1953)

Soviet Foreign Policy in the 1930s (1986), a book review of Max Beloff, The Foreign Policy of Soviet Russia, 1929-1941 (1947-49)

The Soviets in World Affairs (1986), a book review of Louis Fischer, The Soviets in World Affairs (1930)

The Communist International (1986), a book review of James Hulse, The Forming of the Communist International (1964)

The Brest-Litovsk Peace Treaty (1986), a book review of John Wheeler-Bennett, The Forgotten Peace: Brest-Litovsk, March 1918