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National Bank Opening

The Handsome Structure Visited by Hundreds
One of the Most Beautiful Bank Buildings in the State--Souvenirs Given Away

The grand opening of the Slatington National Bank's new building was held on Thursday [29 May] of last week. The public was invited and hundreds of people of town and vicinity turned out to inspect the handsome new structure which has been in course of construction for some time past. The building occupies the site of the old bank. Souvenir coins with a miniature picture of the bank, its name, when it was organized and rebuilt appears on one side and "We solicit your business," "Interest paid on Time Deposits," the names of the officers and directors and "Safe deposit boxes for rent," on the other side.

The building is 34 by 65 feet and is built of brick with base and steps of granite. The front is built of Indiana limestone. Two bronze metal posts with electric lights are situated on each side of the entrance. The entire interior of the building is of San Domingo mahogany finish, highly polished. The floor of the vestibule the lobby and the vaults are beautifully tiled with vitrified brick. To the right as you enter is the writing room provided with mahogany chairs and tables together with such stationary as a person doing business with a bank might need.

To the left is President E. D. Peters and Cashier Wm. H. Gish's room which is in harmony with the general beauty of the bank's quarters.

In the centre of the lobby is the teller's cage with receiving and paying teller's wickets. The tops of teller's desks are 1 inch smooth glass. Cage fittings are highly polished brass. The floor is carpeted with cork carpet. In the rear of the cage is the working space, where the telephone booth is located, both local an long distance phones have been installed. This section is also carpeted with cork.

Next in order are the two vaults, the book vault and the safety deposit and money vault both of which have time locks. In the latter is a Crome Steel money safe with time lock.

Alongside of the book vault are the lockers (clothing closets) used by the officers and clerks. In the re of the safety deposit vault are two coupon rooms.

In the northeast corner is the stairway which leads down into the basement to a storage vault and the heating room. Beyond the stairway is the lavatory.

In the rear the officers and directors room is located. It is furnished with a large mahogany table, chairs, and mantel piece, with French beveled mirror and combination asbestos gas log fire place. The floor is carpeted with Wilton velvet. This room presents a magnificent appearance.

The entire building is illuminated by gas and electricity supported on beautiful charles.t.evans with highly polished combination fixtures frosted and figured globes. Heated by steam.

The ceiling is handsomely frescoed and decorated with beautifully designed cathedral glass.

All in all it is a very elaborate building presenting a handsome appearance on the outside and a most beautiful inside. In fact, it is one of the most beautiful bank buildings in the state and of which Slatington can well be proud of.

The Slatington News, 6 June 1903

11 August 1900

​The New Bridge will be of Steel

The Commissioners have decided to erect a steel bridge across Trout creek on Main street. The bridge will be a strong one something on the style of the one crossing Trout creek on Walnut street with the exception of the drive way. It is not yet fully decided what the drive way will be but it is supposed concrete and Belgium blocks. The entire bridge will be about 180 feet long and 42 feet wide, making the sidewalk 10 feet wide, the drive way about 20 and the rest for the trolley road. They will shortly be ready to receive bids for its erection which is to be finished this fall.

​8 September 1900

The New Bridge; Will Be Built at Once, Contracts Awarded

The County Commissioners on Wednesday awarded the contract for the new steel bridge over trout creek on Main Street. The mason work was awarded to Horn & Neff (Levi Horn, of Weissport and O. A. Neff of town at $5.45 per cubic yard and excavation at 45 cents per cubic yard. The steel structure was awarded to the Penn Bridge Co. of Beaver Falls, Pa, at &15,995. The total award of the complete bridge will be about $28,000, of which the trolley company will pay one-third. The Borough will pay one-third of the excavations on the west side only. The bridge will be 212 feet long and 42 feet wide; 12 feet of which is calculated for the trolley road, which is to run down the south side. 20 feet for a drive way and 10 feet for a sidewalk. The bed of the sidewalk will be of planks, but it will be constructed with buckle plates so that at any time a concrete bed can be placed on. The drive will be of concrete and Belgium blocks. The bridge and the hill will be run at a grade of 9.21 per cent and will be 29 feet high at the east end and 25.4 above the L.V. tracks.






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