Timeline of Slatington History


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23 April 1910 (Saturday)

The dedication of the Fireman's Monument (photo) took place on the corner where Main Street turns to the east. The statue was erected in 1909 by Slatington Hose Co #1 as a drinking fountain for people, dogs and horses and as a symbol of the service and dedication of firemen. The statue cost $700 (E. T. Barnum Comany in Detroit), arrived in Slatington on 9 November 1909 and was subsequently installed. The location was approved by town ordinance #117.

Dedication included a parade, speeches and festivities.

The monument was damaged in the early 1940s when hit by a car, and then struck again and severly damaged in 1979. At which time a restoration committee was formed. The statue was replaced on its former spot and rededicated on 19 July 1980.

Sources: Dedicated April 23, 1910, Rededicated July 19, 1980; also The Slatington News, 17 July 1980