Timeline of Slatington History


When the Indians were troublesome north of here, Capt. Benjamin Franklin, with a company of Colonial troops, stationed at "Fort Allen," (now Weissport) came here in 1757 to buy lumber, with which to build the Fort, from a man by the name of "Druckner Kern," no doubt the ancestor of some of the present Kerns. His given name not being mentioned in Franklin's report implies that he was better known by his nickname, which signifies in the Pennsylvania dialect, a wit, joker, or one "drucker hinder di coherent" (dry behind the ears). When building the dam across Trout Cree for the Mantel factory, in 1859, the old oak timbers were found embedded in the creek in good state of preservation showing clearly the foundation to a "flutter wheel," which no doubt ran the saw mill that cut the timber for Captain Benj. Franklin, one hundred and nineteen years ago.


Sources: The Slatington News, 19 July 1876