Timeline of Slatington History


According to The Slatington News, 8 May 1872:
We yesterday visited the new cemetery which was lately chartered as a public cemetery by the name of “Fairview Cemetery.” the name is very appropriate, as it commands one of the finest and fairest views of any place in the neighborhood. It is situated on eights acres of ground owned by Robert McDowell, Esq., which he proposes to deed to the company so soon as it is fairly organized. It has already been laid out in lots and roads by engineers Lehr and Emery of Allentown.  It is a most beautiful spot and with a little care and expense, could be made one of the most beautiful cemeteries in the state. Already some graves are being dug and some bodies will be removed from the Presbyterian graveyard to the cemetery this week. The cemetery is located at the upper end of the borough on quite a high hill, but can be easily reached by a good road. The ground is excellent for a graveyard, being dry and loose. We hope the people of our borough will purchase lots and plant evergreens on them, and that shade trees will be planted along the walks. We have no park for our people to visit, but we think that this might be made a very attractive place, and we hope it will be so made.