Timeline of Slatington History

The New Slatington High School School (on Main Street) Opened, 2 January 1918 (Wednesday)

“On Wednesday morning of this week when the schools resumed sessions after the holiday vacation several of the rooms of the New High School Building were occupied for the first time....The entire High School will be transferred as soon as the heating apparatus is completed so that the heat can be properly distributed throughout the building.”
Reported in the Slatington News, 4 January 1918

This was the result of a long process. Here are some of the important dates in the process, as recorded by The Slatington News.

1 October 1915: The school board first talks of a new high school building.

8 October 1915: Slatington’s New School Building - The state has condemned the 2nd street school. Will lose state funds if not fixed. 15 room high school building proposed with library and gymnasium in basement; auditorium seating 500-600 on first floor, second floor classrooms, tower for the electric clock.
At the same time, the "town clock" order is pending with Seth Thomas for $400.  Want to see about putting in the new school building.

22 October 1915: Architect Edward Zartman Scholl of 31 South 6th Street, Reading chosen for the new school.

5 November 1915: The vote on a new bond issue for the new school carried by vote of 583 to 141.

31 December 1915: 65,000 in 4% bonds issued for the new school building (2.5 mill tax to pay for it). Citizens National Bank will buy all the bonds.

18 February 1916: Bids for construction of the new school building advertised, for building proper (and razing old building), heating and ventilating, electric wiring, plumbing and drainage

10 March 1916: The school board met to award contracts. Edward F. Peters, Allentown, to build and raze old school; agreement with architect Scholl, Reading, 5% of total cost of the building.

31 March 1916: former Second Street school building vacated.

21 September 1917: The clock tower on the new high school building is finished and Slatington has a working town clock by 16 November 1917.

25 December 1917: The first basketball game in the new high school gymnasium takes place on Christmas day!