Timeline of Slatington History

Slatington Votes against a Public Library


The citizens of town voted against the acceptance of the offer of Andrew Carnegie to give $10,000 for a public library with the following result:

For: first ward (154), second ward (93), third ward (117) = 364
Against: first ward (205), second ward (173), third ward (171) = 549

The Slatington News, 24 February 1906

Cannons Installed at Union Cemetery

Two 30-pound Parrot guns, 4-inch bore, 10 1/2 feet long, arrived here on Tuesday, via L.V.R.R., from Franklin Arsenal, at Philadelphia. They were secured through the efforts of Samuel Kress Post No. 284, G.A.R., and will be mounted on the soldiers' burial plot, in Union cemetery.

The Slatington News, 31 March 1906

Third Ward School to Open

The Slatington News, 29 December 1906

Laying of the Cornerstone

For the New Christ Episcopal Church of Slatington

Notwithstanding the unpleasant and threatening weather of Sunday last, a large concourse of people assembled on the site of the new Christ Episcopal Church, corner of Diamond and Williams streets, to witness the cornerstone laying of this beautiful new edifice now in course of construction

The Slatington News, 13 October 1906


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