Timeline of Slatington History

4 August 1901

The New Slatington News Office

"The News" Occupies its New Quarters.
Better Equipped than Ever
Two Floors Occupied
An Appeal to Our Young Men

Our predictions did not materialize last week; as we stated we had expected to publish last Saturday's paper in our "New Home," at the Main street bridge, but owing to being overcrowded with work, were compelled to put it off a week longer; however, we have occupied it this week and have given all of our machinery a thorough overhauling and the type a good cleaning, and are now prepared to turn out work in quality, style and finish second to none in the Lehigh Valley. The building is equipped with the modern improvements and we are, at present, more capable than ever of complying with the demands of the public. A trial, we are positive will substantiate the foregoing statement.

Our compositing and job departments occupy the third floor, while the press department occupies the second floor. ThereĀ are two other floors and a basement remaining. The fourth floor contains 3 large office rooms, one of which has already been rented. The basement and first floor are very convenient for some manufacturing plant, as the railroad facilities are excellent.

We extend an invitation to all those who are not subscribers of THE NEWS to step in and subscribe for it now, as we intend to push it to the front rank of country weeklies. If you have an item of news send or bring it in, do not feel backward. The paper belongs to the public. Its object is to announce your ideas on different subjects to the people, we are only the instrument through which you can do so. There should be more interest taken in the local newspaper by our young element. It’s a good practice. Take up some topic and write an article on it and we will gladly devote a column or two to their benefit every week and help them all we can.