Timeline of Slatington History

2 September1868 (Wednesday)

The first issue of The Slatington News, published by Godshalk & Bright, appeared. In ensuing years, there was a series of several owners before finally settling under the control of L. E. Schlauch on 16 January 1878. In 1898, James G. Rauch took over publishing duties; the paper remained in his family until the 1960s. The paper ended publication in the 1980s.

Slatington News banner

This day the people of Slatington and vicinity will receive the first number of THE SLATINGTON News.

It is customary, at the outset of such an enterprise as the starting of a newspaper, to say something as to what is intended to be done and what the people have a reasonable right to expect of us. We propose, in as few words as possible, to comply with the requirements of this custom.

In the first place, we intend to publish a first class local family newspaper, which it will be our duty and delight to make an acceptable visitor in every household. It will be our aim, also, to make the NEWS a good business paper, reflecting the great business capacity and resources of the town and its vicinity, into which, of course, the setting forth of the advantages of the different branches of the slate interest will receive a large share of attention. In this last undertaking we shall expect to receive valuable and very necessary aid from the gentlemen engaged in the slate business themselves.

We shall not neglect to do or to say anything which we may believe and know will conduce to the advancement of the material progress of the people in whose midst we have started our enterprise, or will contribute to their moral health and well being. Finally, we will endeavor to discharge our duties as journalists in a conscientious and straightforward manner, asking nothing which we have not a right to expect to receive, and saying nothing which we feel should not be said, and saying fearlessly what we believe ought to be said, on any subject affecting the welfare of the public.

With politics, in the ordinary or partisan acceptation of the word, we have nothing to do. We shall not hesitate, however, to commend to public favor all good acts of public men, to whatever party they may belong, and to advocate such measures, especially when of local interest and important, as we believe are calculated to promote the moral and material welfare of the people among whom we are laboring.

With these few words by way of making our bow to the public, we send THE SLATINGTON NEWS forth to speak for itself.


Source: The Slatington News, 2 September 1868