Timeline of Slatington History

12 August 1885 (Wednesday)

A group of the town's citizens met with the purpose of setting up a fire company that would later become known as Hose Company No. 1. In January 1886, the borough council turned its fire equipment, which included one hose carriage, over to the new company. On 12 September 1888 the town purchased a lot on the corner of Church and Fourth Streets to house municipal offices and the fire station. A building was constructed and then dedicated 28 November 1889.

The town is, of course, home to two other fire companies: Springside Fire Company no. 3 (originated in 1909 on a lot next to the old reservoir) and Vigilant Fire Company no. 2 (originated in 1893, occupying its present location at the corner of Walnut and Church Streets since 1952).

Sources: Fireman's monument re-dedication program, Dedicated April 23, 1910, Rededicated July 19, 1980; also Slatington Hose Co. #1, 100th Anniversary Program 1885-1985

2 October 1885

At Last
After all the talk and delay it appears we are to have a fire company. It is settled at last. At a meeting on Friday evening the necessary steps were taken, and “Slatington Hose Company No. 1 of Slatington” is to be brought into existence. The name is rather long but we hope that this will have no bad effect. A constitution and by laws were adopted, a charter applied for and a permanent organization effected. The following are some of the officers, President, F. J. Stettler; Secretary, Chas. Berkemeyer; Treasurer, A . Neff; Foreman, John Lloyd; Assistant, John Berkemeyer; Pipe Directors, Samuel Berkemeyer and Samuel Marshal. We have not learned who the other officers are, but will give there names hereafter.

Source: The Slatington News, 7 October 1885