Timeline of Slatington History

Basket Ball

A basket ball team has been started under the careful guidance of Coach Dave Williams, and the prospects for a good team are fine. At a meeting last week, these officers were elected: President H.I. Post, vice-president, Chas. Kennel; secretary, Norwood Hankee; treasurer, Ray Morgan; coach Dave Williams; manager, Eugene W. Hankee. For those who do not understand the game the following explanation may be appreciated: Basket ball is played on a floor space of not over 4,000 square feet. Two baskets fastened one at each end of the court, 10 feet above the floor.

The Slatington News, 16 November 1907

Base Ball

It took Connie Mack's Athletics twelve hard fought innings to defeat the local aggregation Thursday afternoon before the largest crowd of the season. Waddell, Plank and Dygert pitched for the visitors while Kinsey officiated for the home team. It was the fastest game ever played on the home grounds for the locals. Kinsey's pitching, Evans' and Reinsmith's fielding and Neff's and Steckel's hitting were the features. Kinsey's pitching and gilt edged support made the White Elephants sit up and take notice.

The Slatington News, 12 October 1907


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