Timeline of Slatington History

7 September 1864

Decree of incorporation [of the Borough of Slatington] issued by the Court of Quarter Sessions of Lehigh County. The original petition had been presented to the court in April. Here is the description of the original boundaries of the town:

Beginning at a white-oak tree on the west bank of the Lehigh River and forty-eight perches south of the Lehigh Valley Railroad bridge across Trout Creek; thence through lands of D. & E. Remely, Jacob Remely, R. McDowell, and D. D. Jones south seventy-seven degrees west two hundred and forty perches to a stone; thence through lands of said R. McDowell and D. D. Jones, John Remely (deceased, and the Lehigh Slate Company, and Thomas Kern, north thirteen degrees west one hundred and thirty perches to a stone; thence through land of Henry Kuntz, Benjamin Kern, Elias Kern, and Williams & Hall north seventy-seven degrees east two hundred and sixty-eight degrees to the west bank of the Lehigh River; thence down the said Lehigh River one hundred and thirty-two perches, more or less, to the place of beginning).

Source: History of Lehigh County, chapter 37, page 560

D. D. Jones (The Slatington News, 19 July 1876) notes that it was a combine of the former Waverly part (uptown), Kernsport (on the other side of the creek) and Liberty (near the depot).