Timeline of Slatington History

1889: The Pennsylvania, Poughkeepsie and Boston Railroad Reaches Slatington

15 January 1890
The piers have been thoroughly repaired and the regular running of rains commenced on Monday.

4 December 1889
On Friday the first engine and cars passed over the new bridge of the Pennsylvania, Poughkeepsie and Boston Railroad, and on Saturday an engine with one freight and one passenger car attached, came across and up to the Lehigh Valley Depot. It has been noticed since that a large stone in one of the massive piers was broken and this defect will have to be repaired before further traffic over the bridge will be allowed. Their station will be at the Lehigh valley Station for the present. No time table has as yet been issued for this place.

24 July 1889
Masons and laborers are busy in laying in perfect order the heavy stones used in the erection of the piers for the crossing over the Lehigh river and canal of the PP & BRR.
Two derricks are in use on either side of the river and two engines and two horses are constantly at work to do the hoisting.
Birch Tree siding has been laid on L.V.R.R. to shift the cars carrying the stone and from the cars they are hoisted to a hand car. After being hauled over a temporary bridge they are lowered by a steam derrick and prepared for their final resting place in the pier.
Two of the smaller piers have been finished while workmen are employed in laying one between the canal and river, others are also busy on the main piers on both sides which require solid work.
Two small mules are used in conveying, by means of a sledge, the smaller stones used in solidifying the piers and these are procured right a the mountainside where the track will be laid towards this place.
The bridge will be of considerable length when completed and will probably be a model for the Slatington Bridge Company, to erect a somewhat similar structure, only for foot and team use at the crossing from the Valley Depot to Walnutport.

8 May 1889
Started to Work...A bridge will be erected over the C.R.R. of N. J., the canal and the Lehigh river and it is estimated will cost $100,000. A siding will be extended from the main line to Walnutport and there connect with the C.R.R. of N.J. The depot is expected to be built on North street and thus the upper town will receive railroad facilities.

Source: The Slatington News, 8 May, 24 July, 4 December 1889, 15 January 1890.