Timeline of Slatington History


Slatington National Bank

The National Bank of Slatington was opened on Monday morning by President Gross and Cashier Gish. The only business done during the day as the receiving of deposits, which amounted to about $3,600; being very well indeed for a place where there is no money. The currency has not yet arrived, so that the regular business of the bank cannot be transacted, but it is expected in a few days, when the bank will be in full working order.
The Slatington News (1 September 1875)

Slatington Rifles

The military company which has been forming here for the week or two past, held a meeting on Saturday evening and effected a temporary organization, and transacted other business which required attention. Friday evening of each week was the time decided upon to meet for drill practice.
The Slatington News (21 July 1875)

Our military company was mustered on Monday evening by Major E. R. Newhard, of Major General Bolton’s staff, as Company H, 4th Regiment, 5th rigade, 2d Division, N. G. Major Newhard was detailed as mustering officer by T. H. Good, Colonel Commanding of Regiment. Fifty-three men were enrolled. At an election held for officers, the following were elected: Capt. D. G. Rhoads; 1st Lieut. O. E. Mank; 2d Lieut. George McDowell.
The Slatington News (11 August 1875)

Our military company is progressing finely. The roll now numbers over seventy. At a recent meeting the company adopted the name of “Slatington Rifles,” by which it is hereafter to be known. Drill-practice is had two or three times a week, and the boys are becoming soldiers fast. Lieut. Moser, of the U.S.N., who is now at his home in this place, was at the armory one night last week, taking charge of the company during drill.
The Slatington News (4 August 1875)

Slatington Gas Company

We understand that the Slatington Gas Company have consummated the contract of purchase from the Lehigh Slate Company of a site for their works, at the foot of Dowell Street, known as the “old quarry,” at a figure which, while being perfectly satisfactory to the Gas Company, displays a feeling of encouragement of enterprise in our town by the Lehigh Slate Company and its generous and enterprising Superintendent that is worthy of emulation by other of our citizens
The Slatington News (12 May 1875)