Timeline of Slatington History


Prosperity and Growth in Slatington

According to The Slatington News, the borough contains:

"three hundred and ninety-six private residences, and forty-one business houses...many other buildings, erected for the various mechanical trades. There are ten dry goods and grocery stores--the principal is the "eagle" dry goods store, conducted by our townsman Mr. J. B. Peters, on Main Street; the one on the corner of Main and Dowell streets, R. Murry McDowell, proprietor, is doing a flourishing business; one on the corner of Main and Church Street, in which business is carried on by Mr. W. H. Seibert, three others on Upper Main street, those of John Morgan, Al Schneck and Joel Neff, those are all well conducted. We have in lower Slatington, Kern & App, H. Kuntz and T. Brensinger, dry goods merchants, these are all well conducted and do considerable trade. Slatington boasts of two drug stores--the one in Upper Slatington managed by C. W. Horn,, and the Lower end under the management of M. E. Thompson....We do not hesitate to say that Mr. O. S. Keiser's Liquor store is driving the most thriving business in the lower end."

"The borough is supplied with six churches--one Lutheran and reformed, two Welsh, the German Evangelical, the M.E...The borough is also well supplied with an equal number of houses for the entertainment of strangers and travelers....The borough can also boast of six good schools. The school building is a fine one, situated on Second Street, near Main...The Lehigh Valley and the Berks and Lehigh railroad extends through the town."

Source: The Slatington News (6 August 1879)