Timeline of Slatington History


According to The Slatington News, 12 January 1870, The Trustees of St. Johns Church of Slatington, by order of Council, have purchased from Nathan Kern a tract of land, for a Cemetery to said church, which is one of the most beautiful locations that is to be found in or about the borough of Slatington. It is on the S.E. summit of Slatington, and about five hundred feet above the water level of the river Lehigh.

The new bridge across Trout Creek between Upper and Lower Slatington is now completed. It has a fine sidewalk attached to it enclosed with a substantial iron railing, and is wide enough to allow teams pass each other without difficulty. (The Slatington News, 9 March 1870) The old bridge had been swept away by a flood in 1868.

Corner Stone Laying
The members of the Evangelical Association of Slatington laid the corner stone for a new church on Second Street in this borough on Sunday afternoon. (The Slatington News, 22 June 1870) According to The Slatington News (18 September 1889), the Evangelical Association was organized in 1862 and met in private houses and halls until 1870 when their present church building was erected.

A post of the Grand Army was organized in the borough on Monday evening by captain Laubach; it bids fair to be a success, and we hope it will be. (The Slatington News, 20 July 1870)